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Happening Now

Lachine Hospital is Dorval’s closest emergency room.  But now access to quality medical care under the auspices of the MUHC are threatened by the PQ government’s plan to remove the hospital from MUHC management and turn it over to CSSS, the same system that ran it into the ground years ago.  Local residents and mayors are fighting to keep the hospital under MUHC management. Montreal journalists have mistakenly reported that the SSJB is behind the unpopular move by the PQ but Voice Of Dorval has uncovered the truth about who has been applying pressure resuting in the proposed decision. Read the full story in our feature article.
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Feature Story coming soon A New Beginning for Dorval Voice of Dorval marks a new beginning for Dorval and its global neighborsSituated on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River and Lake Saint Louis Dorval is a vibrant and changing community working to find its new identity.  Culturally rich and intellecutally resourceful Dorval has managed to move carefully into the 21st century grasping new technologies and models of work while maintaining its village-style appeal keeping us in harmony with our environment and our neighbors.  Like many other 21st century communites Dorval faces new challenges and strives to integrate new thinking with traditional values in an effort to offer the best of Canadian cities and towns.
Lachine Hospital threatened
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February 8 to May 5 The Richelieu River, a historically important waterway linking Quebec to New York, ... has relinquished many of its historical artifacts and treasures to two divers who have loaned these items to the Dorval Museum.
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Dorval Winter Festival Feb 6 - 10
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Dorval adopts resolution to maintain bilingual status