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Dorval Museum exhibit

Treasures From the Richelieu River
The Richelieu River, a  historically important waterway  linking Quebec to New York, and  a route over which various  armies and fleets passed during  the French and Indian War, the  American Revolution, and the  War of 1812, has relinquished  many of its historical artifacts  and treasures to two divers who  have loaned these items to the  Dorval Museum. Come discover  what the river has revealed:  military badges and buttons,  coins from various eras and  countries, personal items such  as shoe buckles, clay pipes, lead  dice and gaming pieces, among  other artifacts dating from the  1750s to the mid-1800s. 
February 8 to May 5 
Dorval Museum
For more information, please call 514 633-4170.